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Book Clubs

dsc_5008Keeping the mind active to new things can be done through reading and thinking about books. In order to help slow the process of dementia and Alzheimer’s in seniors, we provide a book club at the Fiesta Adult Day Care. This stimulating mental activity presents new material and interesting discussions for ongoing cultural development.

Monthly Books

Fiesta presents a new book each month for seniors to read or listen to individually, or as a group. We offer books on a variety of subject matter and genres to interest many of your loved ones. The regular reading of books is an excellent way to help with continual learning.

A book club that offers discussion, as well as having other people reading the same book at the same time, encourages more people to read it. They are reading the same thing, have a common framework from which to engage in conversation, and can become more avid readers who seek to get more out of what they read.

Interactive Discussions

Discussions about the books are also conducted, letting those participate who have read the book. This enables people of different opinions to share their thoughts about the book or topics and events in it to get those involved in thinking and keeping their minds active. It also lets them have fun while they do it. Of course, it helps with socialization, too, as people interact with each other in the discussion.


On occasion, there will be lectures about some of the books that are the book of the month. The lectures are given by people who are knowledgeable in literature and the book, and who can provide some valuable insights into the book, the author, and some material for thought and discussion. Some current events may also be brought into the lecture that is applicable to understanding the material covered.


As people interact with each other about the books they are reading, more people will get acquainted with each other and it will help develop friendships. They will also learn to share their thoughts with each other, and laugh and share more about themselves, strengthening those relationships even more.

Our book club also enables your loved one to look forward to meeting with and discussing their books. They have opportunity to express their opinion and hear the opinions of others. This helps them to continue to be social and interact with others, which helps them to avoid isolation.

Another way that a book club can benefit your loved one is that the book may excite them enough to go and talk to other people at the center about it. They can encourage someone to read the book and then start discussing it, as a way to develop new friendships and open new channels for both people.

Between the book clubs and the other educational activities offered at the Fiesta Adult Day Care, your loved one will continue to be stimulated intellectually. This helps to slow the process of dementia or Alzheimer’s and helps them to continue to enjoy a better quality of life longer.

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