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Daily Meals

dsc_5046At the Fiesta Adult Day Care, we ensure that those people placed under our care do not go hungry. You want to be sure that they receive the right nourishment through the day with daily meals to keep them going and healthy, and so do we. We provide them with meals as part of their daily care.

Planned Meals

Each of the day’s meals are planned for in advance to ensure that they are balanced and healthy. We understand the need for healthy foods and minerals when it comes to helping prevent diseases and other health problems associated with aging.

We provide your loved one with a light breakfast, and then we serve a tasty hot lunch each day. Meals are varied so that delicious meals can be looked forward to each day. Each meal is planned carefully to ensure that it contains the right amount of nutrition for those who have disabilities.

Snacks Available

For those who want a snack, or need one for health reasons, we also provide each person with a tasty mid-afternoon snack. Care is given to ensure that each person can have the snack we offer, and several options are available each day.

Dietary Concerns

As we provide each of your loved ones with healthy food, we also ensure that they get food that is right for each of them. We understand that some people cannot eat certain kinds of foods due to allergies, sensitivities to spicy foods, or other problems. Foods with gluten, soy, peanuts, etc., are all evaluated before serving. Of course, we obtain this information before they are accepted into our services so that there is not a problem. We are also concerned that the foods we serve do not add to the potential weight gain to which many modern foods contribute.

Loved ones with diabetes, or other special health concerns, are given specially prepared foods to ensure there is not a health issue. For those with special dietary concerns for religious (or other) reasons, we also seek to be careful to honor their requests as much as possible.

Conversation During Dinner

We believe that part of the fun of a good meal is to have some time to talk with others during the meal. It is not rushed so that new friendships can be made and people can get to know each other better. We understand that socialization also helps food taste better and make meals more interesting and enjoyable.

Help with Eating

We recognize that some people with cognitive disabilities may need help with eating. We provide any assistance that we can to encourage them to eat, and to get a balanced meal. Our helpers in the Fiesta Adult Day Care are trained and can provide the necessary assistance with understanding and patience.

At Fiesta Adult Day Care, we ensure that healthy daily meals are provided for each person in our care. The meals are nutritionally balanced and help is given for feeding, if that should be needed. You can be sure that part of our program for health includes eating right.

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