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Educational Activities

dsc_5043As adults get older, one thing that is essential to help ward off Alzheimer’s and dementia is to keep exercising the brain. This is why it is important for an adult day care to provide opportunities for educational activities and a way to keep the brain engaged and active as long as possible. Even older people still love to learn, and they have a need to keep on learning, too.

The Fiesta adult day care center provides the people we care for during the day with several opportunities to learn. We encourage each person to take advantage of as many of the educational activities we offer in the form of various classes and other activities.

Classes We Offer

Your loved ones can participate in many of the classes we offer. Among them are computer classes, cooking classes, and more. We add new classes from time to time to provide an ongoing mental stimulation and to help them with information that will be useful to them.

Individual Activities

They can also participate in individual activities such as crossword puzzles, engage with another person in challenging games such as chess, and more. The activities are scheduled in advance so that they know what will be taught, and those who are interested can attend.

We also offer arts and crafts. Many people love to make things, or learn new things, such as how to paint a picture. Classes for these things are taught, as well as opportunities provided for them to use these abilities and develop them further.

Special Trips

Doing something different and providing variety in the day is also helpful to provide your loved ones with interesting change. We take groups to local museums, parks, and similar places to continue to stir the imagination and provide learning experiences, as well as to give them a change of scenery and some fresh air and sunshine.

Learning activities are also based on the interests of the people we care for. We value the interests of each of them, and, if possible, we seek to bring that educational opportunity to our adult day care. This gives them enjoyment in being able to learn things that they want to learn more about, as well as an opportunity to help direct their environment.

Book Club

A book club is available in which a different book is selected each month. Your loved one is encouraged to participate in the reading of it, and to enter into discussions about it. Lectures are also given. As ideas and thoughts are shared about the various books, new friendships will develop, and greater levels of socialization will occur.

Educational activities work well for those with disabilities when friends are around to help them and work with them. At Fiesta Adult Day Care, we provide many opportunities for learning because we understand its importance in the lives of those we have at the center. We also seek to balance them with physical activities as well, in order to develop and strengthen them in both mind and body for better all-around health.

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