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dsc_5013Everyone loves a little entertainment to make life more enjoyable. At Fiesta Adult Day Care, we realize the importance of it in the life of people who have disabilities – whether mental, physical, or both. We aim to help them enjoy being with us through the day and seek to add some on a regular basis.


While everyone’s idea of being entertained may differ, we aim to provide the kind that the majority of the ones we care for will enjoy. Being able to relax at the day care is important and we want each person, as much as possible, to feel like our day care is their home away from home while they are here each day.


On many days of the week, we bring in DJ’s to provide music. Some of them come in regularly, but every now and then we have special DJ’s bring a treat in music for your loved ones. They will play popular tunes as well as the “oldies” that many know and have come to love over the years. At other times we will bring in musicians and musical groups to conduct live concerts for them to enjoy.


Bingo games are regularly held at the day care and we find that many of your loved ones enjoy this immensely. They even tend to look forward to it and do not want to miss it for anything.

Local Trips

Trips are made to local museums and parks, as well as other places for sightseeing and to provide an interesting variety in the daily activities. Many of your loved ones look forward to these trips.


When some program to entertain is presented, and someone who is physically or cognitively challenged needs assistance, we gladly help them as much as possible. Activities and various forms of entertainment may also help with development or encourage higher levels of functioning with persistence.

Arts and Crafts

One thing that many in the day care enjoy is being able to participate in the arts and crafts sessions. Many are still handy with making things, or drawing, painting, etc., particularly if they engaged in it when they were younger.


This activity is a favorite among many of the people in our care. We offer several dance programs to provide fun, socialization, and help with staying agile. We use both English and Spanish music for background music. These programs also help with weight loss and balance.


At Fiesta, we offer a number of classes for those who are interested. Computer classes, and cooking classes, as well as other ones are taught at the day care.

Exercise Programs

Through the day, we offer programs to help your loved ones lose weight and stay mobile. For those who are not mobile, we also offer some special exercises geared to their capabilities.

There are many forms of entertainment and other activities taking place all the time at the Fiesta Adult Day Care. We invite you to talk to us today about our programs for your loved one.

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