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Recreational Programs

dsc_5031One of the most important features in an adult care center is that the people who come every day have opportunity to get in some regular exercise. Recreational programs need to not only provide mental stimulation to help fight dementia and Alzheimer’s, but there also needs to be some physical activities to strengthen the body.

Exercise Programs

The Fiesta Adult Day Care center seeks to provide a variety of activities to help ensure the care and well-being of your loved one. These range from simple group motion and stretching exercises, to more vigorous exercise programs, such as bike riding, dancing, yoga, and more.

Weight Loss Programs

Being sedative often leads to weight gain. People with physical or cognitive disabilities tend to be somewhat inactive, and this often leads to an unwanted gain in weight. We offer weight loss programs to help lose weight and to keep it off. We also work with individuals who may have limited ability to move to be able to help them lose weight as well.

Road Trips

In addition to the regular exercise programs, we also offer a number of planned activities and road trips each month. These sightseeing trips take your loved ones to museums and parks, and other places of interest and learning. This enables them to get out and walk, if possible, and also provides sightseeing and learning opportunities, as well as an exciting day to get away and do something new with their new friends. A calendar of events is provided on our website to announce when we are having special trips.

Dance Programs

The center also offers a number of dance programs to help with weight loss and general conditioning. Different types of music, English and Spanish, are provided for background music to exercise with regularly. Participants are free to select a style they prefer, and have fun while exercising.

Balance Clinics

Helping people to avoid falls is also important at the Fiesta Adult Day Care. Along with our other recreational programs, we also conduct balance clinics. These clinics provide exercises that enable seniors and others to develop stronger muscles and a faster reaction time. This can help someone who may otherwise fall to be able to regain their balance quick enough to prevent serious harm and stay out of the hospital.

Cooking Classes

For those who love to cook and still want to engage in it, our day care offers an opportunity to do so. We have cooking classes to help those who never learned, or those who want to learn new recipes and cooking tricks. Some simply want to help themselves to be able to cook for themselves and be as independent as possible for as long as possible.

The different activities at Fiesta provide your loved ones with a number of opportunities to get to meet and become friends with other people. Doing activities with other people they have recently come to know and appreciate will also help encourage them to participate more and stay active.

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