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Social Services

dsc_5024At Fiesta Adult Day Care, we realize that people with physical and cognitive disabilities, and their caregivers, often have need of social services. They have issues and situations for which counseling is needed, or their caregivers need help with matters pertaining to their loved one’s care and needs. Our counselors can help you resolve those issues and help you to know where to go when those issues arise.

Social Workers Available

We recognize that as people with disabilities grow older, there is a tendency for chronic conditions to develop. With the care provided at Fiesta, we aim to help them stay out of nursing homes as long as possible. Our care and activities help to provide better health, strength, and to prevent further degradation and disability.

Our staff can provide you with the answers to many of your questions. They are dedicated social services workers and can direct you as to what to do in various situations.


If a referral is needed, our social workers can direct you to the professionals you need to handle your matter. These may be medical or legal matters, or matters dealing with obtaining money to pay for the day care services we offer.


Social workers at Fiesta can also provide families with loved ones who are in the day care with counseling services. Educational materials on how to provide quality care for your loved one, when at home, can help care-givers and other family members get good information and tips about treatment and how to deal with issues that may arise.

People with dementia or Alzheimer’s are going to gradually get worse. Our counsellors are there to help caregivers know how to cope with the issues that will arise over time. They can provide instruction and give advice as to when other situations might be better for him or her.

Development Programs

We recognize that many caregivers need a break from long periods of attending to the needs of their loved one. At Fiesta, we aim to provide an opportunity for them to have a break and get refreshed from those concerns. We offer many programs to help loved ones develop mentally, such as classes in computers and cooking, book clubs, arts and crafts, trips, social interaction, and more.

Helping them to stay active is another strong emphasis we place on your loved ones. To meet this need, we offer a number of exercise opportunities and weight loss programs, including dancing, stretching, yoga, and more. We also provide a balance clinic to help prevent falls.

Financial Assistance

Our counsellors are also able to direct you to places where you might get financial assistance in order to cover some or all of the costs of day care. There are many places that may be able to provide funds for this expense.

At the Fiesta Adult Day Care Center, we provide you with the social services you need to ensure quality care and advice when needed. Our counselors can assist you and provide recommendations and assistance as needed.

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